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I'd like to call my services "consulting". But consultants are often seen as freelancing development engineers. And developping is the one thing I do not want to do.

Additionally, freelancing developpers in my opinion always are a bad solution, even if your development team is drowned in problems. Maybe the freelancer solves your current problem and presents a working prototype. Then he or she is payed and he or she disappears.
And who is in charge afterwards, when problems arise in manufacturing, in quality control, in servicing?

So, better forget "consulting".

But I would like to be your coach, providing developmental know-how out of the field of opto-electronics. Providing this know-how to your engineers, who later on will accompany your product into manufacturing, quality control, service.

For this purpose, I can offer:
(a) Papers I have written about selected topics from the field of opto-electronics.
(b) Developmental assistance, discussing your current problems face-to-face in your lab.

The following prices and terms of payment apply for the aforementioned cases (a) and (b) respectively:

(a) Papers that are pre-published in this web site:
You can order the files of your choice to be delivered in one of the three following formats:
* Color print on DIN-A4-size paper   or
* in <*.htm> file format ("High Level Tagged Markup Language";
  for your web browser) on CD / on DVD   or
* in <*.doc> file format ("DOCument" file for Microsoft Word)
  on CD / on DVD.

The same price applies for all three formats:
For each file 2 Euros per kByte of html   plus   20 Euros per figure   rounded to full 5 Euros.
  The kByte-count and the figure-count of a paragraph (i.e. of a file) is noted in the index at the beginning of every essay. ...But you can also look it up directly in the table that follows below.
In this table, the paragraphs (as far as they are for sale) are listed together with their kByte-count and with their figure-count. Additionally, the price is listed per paragraph.

Do you consider ordering a complete essay? - Then the lower "complete essay price" (which is also to be found in the table) applies. In these cases, I will supply not only those "for sale" paragraphs, but the entire essay.

file <*.htm> title kByte
farbe_e_1_3_0 Measuring Color Sensation/Basics 5 0 10
farbe_e_1_3_1 H,L,S 3 1 25
farbe_e_1_3_2 CIE-x,y,z 7 3 75
farbe_e_1_3_3 CIE-L,a,b 5 2 50
farbe_e_1_3_4 Color Temperature 7 3 75
farbe_e_3_4 Metamerism 6 2 50
os_e_1_4 Principal Plane Distance 5 2 50
os_e_4_2 MTF 22 4 125
. MEASURING LIGHT complete 560 Euro
mess_e_1 Goals of this Essay 5 0 10
mess_e_3 What is Light? 9 3 80
mess_e_4_1_1 Radiant Flux  (Phi) 5 1 30
mess_d_4_1_2 Radiant Energy  Q 6 0 10
mess_e_4_2_2 Solid Angle  (Omega) 10 3 80
mess_e_4_2_4 Radiance  L 15 3 90
mess_e_4_3_2 Radiant Exposure  H 5 0 10
mess_e_4_3_3 Cosine Correction 10 3 80
mess_e_4_4_2 Instrumentation (for spectr.Measur.) 16 6 150
mess_e_4_4_3_nucru Numbercrunching (to: Appl.spectr.Resol.) 24 2 90
mess_e_5_1_1 Luminous Flux  (Phi) 6 0 10
mess_e_5_2_2 Luminous Intensity  I 9 1 40
mess_e_5_2_3 Luminance  L 13 0 25
mess_e_5_3_2 Luminous Exposure  H 5 0 10
mess_e_6_2 Line Source and Distance 9 2 40
mess_e_6_4 Distance and Illuminance: Overview 12 2 45
mess_e_7_2 Coherence 6 2 50
mess_e_8 Comparison Tables 40 0 80

POISSON NOISE complete 85 Euro
poiss_e_1 Goals of this Essay 4 0 10
poiss_e_3 Noise Components 11 3 80
poiss_e_5 Deriving SNR from Poisson Distribution 8 1 35
poiss_e_7 Calculating Noise Figures from Photons from Watts 8 0 15
poiss_e_9 Conclusion 3 0 5

SKIING WITH LAMBERT complete 50 Euro
ski_e_5_2 Scanning Printed Matters 3 1 25
ski_e_5_4 Scanning Etched Characters on Metal 3 2 45

(b) Developmental assistance:
    One hour of assistance 100 Euro.
    If applicable: add expenses for travelling and overnight accomodation.

You are invited to pay either in Euros or in US-Dollars; until further notice, please assume as a simple rate of exchange:
1.10 USD = 1 Euro

Terms of payment:

(a) Payment in advance only.
    - Either send banknotes in (insured) envelope
    - or send a cheque.

(b) Fee for each visit is to be payed immediately at completion of this visit.

With every payment (if not handed over personally) please include:
* definition of the item ordered;
* address of money sender;
* address of intended recipient of the item you ordered.

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